Sustainable Construction - Green Concrete Alternatives

Published on 26 December 2023 at 11:14

by Dr. Kostas Koutselas - Managing Director & Founder of Sustainable Concrete Solutions

There are so many Sustainable, Green Concrete solutions. Some of them mentioned on the article below (kudos to the author) and a lot more out there.


Europe’s green cement is taking off — here are the startups fighting to lead the $380bn market


The point is that if modern construction wants to make a difference and follow the pledges made during several COP conferences, then the solutions are available.


The sceptics will say: "What about Durability", "What about long-term results", "What about cost" and so on. The answer to that is that great work has been done to answer these questions from most of these companies offering the alternative solutions, we just have to analyse it, understand it and give them an opportunity.


The stakeholders/clients, design offices, architect offices, consultants but primarily the governments, through policy changes and standard changes need to commit and make this happen.


While a complete replacement of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) may take years, and perhaps that shouldn't be the sole objective, these new technologies deserve our full attention. If we're committed to steering the construction industry towards sustainability with tangible results, now is the time to embrace and maximize the potential of these alternatives.


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